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FACEIT Enhancer is now Repeek

Today, we're changing our name from FACEIT Enhancer to Repeek.

Don't worry, nothing really changes for you, right away. Repeek is setting the foundation to be better and faster than ever before.

A bit of history

In early 2018, FACEIT released a major website update and Repeek, then FACEIT Enhancer, was created in March 2018 to replace another browser extension for FACEIT that was no longer maintained.

Initially, similar functionalities were implemented to reach feature parity. This familiarity, in terms of user experience, meant players were comfortable making the switch to Repeek.

With the help of the community on Reddit (shoutout to r/GlobalOffensive) and other social media channels, we've been able to add additional features to enhance the user experience on FACEIT. By popular demand, these included Auto Map & Location Veto, Auto Copy Server Data and Focus Mode.

After few weeks of developing Repeek, FACEIT approached me and asked to join them as Software Developer. I happily accepted their offer and started working for them in June 2018. It was a great time and I learned a lot, but unfortunately the development of Repeek was slowed down to avoid some conflict of interest. It picked up some pace again after I decided to take on another job in September 2021.

2.5 years later, Repeek has become a must-have browser extension for over 900.000 FACEIT players worldwide.

Meet Repeek

Our vision is to eventually become something more than a browser extension for FACEIT. In order to achieve that, we're starting with a rebrand and letting go of the name FACEIT Enhancer. We want to change it to something shorter, more memorable and associated with Counter-Strike.

World, meet Repeek.

What's next?

At the moment our primary focus is to fix all features that are currently not working (e.g. automatically accepting party invites and showing how much Elo you win or lose in a match) due to internal changes on FACEIT.

After that work is done, we'll explore different options how we can improve Repeek and push it to the next level.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for how Repeek could help you with anything Counter-Strike or FACEIT related, please share them with us on X or Reddit!

I can't see the player stats in match rooms!

In case you haven't heard the news yet, FACEIT has implemented the player stats in match rooms natively on January 2022, so Repeek isn't providing this feature anymore. You can enable the player stats in match rooms in your Counter-Strike game settings on FACEIT.

Thank you

Thanks to all of you guys for using Repeek and your continued support.

Tim (@timche_) – Creator of Repeek