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FACEIT Enhancer becomes Repeek

Today, we're changing our name from FACEIT Enhancer to Repeek.

Created in March 2018, Repeek since became a must-have browser extension for over 900.000 players worldwide and enhances the experience on FACEIT and adds useful features.

A bit of history

For those who didn't know, FACEIT Enhancer was originally created to replace another browser extension for FACEIT back then, because it was broken after FACEIT released a major website update and the developer of the other browser extension didn't fix it for a long time.

My friends and I missed certain features so much, that I took the chance to create a new browser extension, because luckily I'm a developer myself. In the beginning same functionalities were implemented and later new features were added in collaboration with the community.

It has been a ride and even landed me a job at FACEIT in June 2018, but I left in September 2021. During that time I've slowed down the development of FACEIT Enhancer a lot, because I thought there was some conflict of interest, but now I'm able to continue the work.

Time for the next chapter

Since the website and design became a bit stale, now seemed like the right time to rename FACEIT Enhancer to Repeek. With such a big user base, Repeek should also be capable of standing on its own feet now and maybe has the potential to become something more than just a browser extension for FACEIT.

For now the next chapter starts with a rebrand and much more mature appearance.

What's next?

The primary focus currently is to fix existing features like automatically accepting party invites, showing how much Elo you win or lose in a match, etc. Basically restoring all functionalities where possible that are currently not working.

After that, we'll explore different options how we can improve Repeek and push it to the next level.

If you've any ideas or suggestions, how Repeek could help you anything CS:GO or FACEIT related, please share them with us on Twitter or Reddit!

I can't see the player stats in match rooms!

In case you haven't heard the news yet, but FACEIT has implemented the player stats in match rooms natively on January 2022, so Repeek isn't providing this feature anymore. You can enable the player stats in match rooms in your CS:GO game settings on FACEIT.

Thank you

A quick shoutout to all of you guys, for using Repeek and your support.

Thanks ❤️

Tim (Twitter, FACEIT) – Creator of Repeek